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All You Need To Know About Rotator Cuff Stretches And Exercises

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The rotator cuss is made of muscles and tendons. They form a protective shield to the bones attached to your shoulder. They help stabilize movements of your arm and shoulder. When you overuse your rotator cuff, you can tear the tendons. It results in weakness and pain. Rotator cuffs stretches and exercises are recommended to prevent and treat injuries. Keep reading to know more about rotator cuff stretches and exercises.

It is important you identify a physical trainer to help you track your progress. You will begin by basic stretches that include warming your shoulders and arms first. Afterwards, you will do the strengthening exercises. It is advisable you keep the range of motion at a minimum at the beginning. You can increase the intensity with time. Keep in mind that jerky movements result in damage or pain. Caution is needed especially if you have had an injury or surgery on the rotator cuff.

Research is important for you to identify the best stretch rotator cuff and exercises. Go online and look at the most recommended stretches. Being informed will help you make an informed decision. You can also ask your friends who have done the stretches and exercises before. Alternatively, you can talk to your personal trainer and they will recommend to you the best stretches and exercises. If you have an injury, it is advisable you consult a doctor before you begin the stretches. Any pain or discomfort is a sign that you have stretched too far. It means that you need to stop.

The stretches and exercise should not cause any pain. Rotator cuff stretches are not just good for the shoulder but also the chest and upper back muscles. There are certain sports that one can benefit from rotator cuff stretches such as baseball, cricket, golf, netball, boxing, martial arts, basketball and others. There are some safety guidelines that need to be followed when doing rotator cuff stretches and exercises. Stretching can cause damage when not done in the right way. You need to breathe because holding your breath could result in muscle tension.

It is advisable not to force a stretch until you have discomfort. Consistency is also important. As you keep stretching each day, you will keep building flexibility and motion. Also, you should warm comfortable clothing that are loose. It can be hard to stretch with tight clothing as they restrict movement. Choose rotator cuff stretches and exercises that are highly recommended. Learn more here at

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